Migrating my Matrix Account from ohai.su to ohai.is

Online seit Di 05 September 2023 in blog

I need to change the main ID and home server of my personal Matrix chat account: I am moving from @schmittlauch:ohai.su to @schmittlauch:ohai.is. The reason for this is two-fold:

The immediate urgency comes from the former server having hardware issues. After being completely down for a while, it is currently stuck in a weird half-baked state where some message types go through and some don’t.
The other reason is the .su domain: As the former top-level domain of the Soviet Union it is now being administrated by the Russian Federation. I joined the server in the beginning of 2022, right before the Russian Invasion had started. In today’s situation you certainly do not want to rely on Russian Authorities anymore, both because of sanctions making domain renewal harder as well as the atrocities of war their state is causing.

I hope that the old server becomes functional again so that I can properly announce the move from there and remove the account. If you want any other kind of (cryptographic) verification in the meantime, feel free to contact me somehow.

Thanks to the Ohai team for providing both my former and my future matrix home.