I am donating my Twitter account away

Posted on Sat 16 March 2024 in blog • Tagged with announcement, personal

Starting from tomorrow, the Twitter account @schmittlauch won’t be mine anymore: I am donating the account to th folks of the Petition for banning the racist AfD party.

I had already deleted all of my tweets anyways last year and have no intention of getting on there again. After …

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Migrating my Matrix Account from ohai.su to ohai.is

Posted on Tue 05 September 2023 in blog • Tagged with announcement, personal

I need to change the main ID and home server of my personal Matrix chat account: I am moving from @schmittlauch:ohai.su to @schmittlauch:ohai.is. The reason for this is two-fold:

The immediate urgency comes from the former server having hardware issues. After being completely down for a …

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Posted on Sun 06 March 2022 in blog

Hi there,

I have finally managed to set up a Blog again, since the last one went to the happy hunting ground due to a database error.
Admittedly, this has also been motivated by my desire to have a web presence directed towards the public that is better structured than …

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