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Professional Expertise and CV

status: employed

I am a trained computer scientist, having received my Diplom Informatik (equivalent to Master of Science in Computer Science) from TU Dresden in Feb 2022.

As most of online activities commonly happen under this pseudonym schmittlauch anyways, I decided to set up this overview without publicly revealing all my private information. If this profile looks interesting to you or your company, I kindly ask you to contact me for further information and discussions.

I am open for jobs that…

  • …are remote or in the Dresden area:
    Being currently located in Dresden (Germany) I do not want to move right at the start of the job. So far I am not entirely sure which field I’d like to work in exactly and want to ensure a good fit between job, company, and me before condidering longer-term relactions. This might change over time.
  • …involve at least some work on and with Free and Open Source Software:
    I am passionate about Free and Open Source software and would like to work not only with, but also on such open projects regularly on the job. This is a soft and flexible requirement, I do not expect all products to be Free Software. I do hope though to be able to contribute back to existing projects and communities, or be involved in new Open Source projects.
  • …do not involve work on so-called cryptocurrencies or Blockchain technology.

Excerpt from my CV

Areas of Expertise

IT security network resilience and security, applied cryptography, pentesting basics
P2P networks Distributed Hash Tables (emphasis: attacks and their mitigations), Friend-to-Friend overlay networks
privacy privacy-enhancing technology, data protection, anonymity
other dependable systems, computer networking and common application level protocols, federated systems
psychology human cognition & perception, social psychology, human-machine-interaction


programming languages advanced knowledge: Python, Haskell; basic knowledge: Java, C++, Bash, C, HTML5, CSS, Javascript
GNU/Linux desktop & server administration NixOS, openSUSE, Gentoo, Debian, Archlinux; SailfishOS
language skills German (native), English (business fluent), Spanish (basic working knowledge), Finnish (very basic conversational knowledge)

Work Experience

Systems Engineer at Flying Circus Internet Operations GmbH

📍 Remote 🗓 since 04/2022

Tutor for Course “Operating Systems and Security” at Chair of Operating Systems, TU Dresden

📍 Dresden, Germany 🗓 10/2018 – 02/2019

  • holding tutorials to revise, extend, and clarify the lecture content

Trainee: Security software research at Jolla Oy

📍 Tampere, Finland 🗓 01/2018 – 03/2018

  • research, analysis & prototyping of Mandatory Access Control for a mobile Linux distribution
  • Linux security mechanisms, RPM packaging


Diplominformatiker at Dresden University of Technology

📍 Dresden, Germany 🗓 10/2014 – 02/2022

  • equivalent to Master of Science in Computer Science
  • specialisation: system architecture, security, P2P networks
  • Minor: psychology
  • final grade: 1.4
  • Diplom thesis: Balanced and attack-resistant store and retrieval of content in friend-to-friend overlay networks
    • analysis of censorship attack impact on a Friend-to-Friend based Distributed Hash Table P2P storage system
    • implementation of the R/Kademlia DHT on the VOUTE Friend-to-Friend overlay network in a simulator; simulation experiments

Erasmus+ studies abroad at Tampere University of Technology

📍 Tampere, Finland 🗓 08/2017 – 12/2017

  • studies of computer science and communication technologies

Free and Open Source Work

Public Speaking